Super Motor Company

Super Motor Company was founded early 2009 by two petrol veined cousins.
Both had love affairs in the past with classic motorcycles and subsequently fast motorcyles. But also lots of near death experiences racing or crashing them. After growing up a little the conclusion was simple: “Been there and done that”. Inherently they were looking for a different kind of transport. Less costly (if you crash it), fast enough, stylish, not likely to break down, easy and cheap to maintain and one they could sell to like minded enthusiasts.

In this blog you'll also find some other stuff we like. Enjoy!

Commercial Super Motor Company

Jul 21, 2013

Tomorrow I'll turn 16.



Super Motor Company - Morgen word ik 16 from mees peijnenburg on Vimeo.

Dirty Donkey

Jul 7, 2013

I know it does sound like an obscure porn movie from the 70's. But it is just a bike meant to be happy in the dirt. Lennard from Bubble Visor already posted some pics of the mock up before. I am trying to fit the speedo here. The frame has been sanded down and is almost ready for painting. Just need to do some welding on the frame to fit some brackets and lips. After that it will be the ultimate grind down. Still waitng for parts though, so I hope to finish it end of August. 

Poppa Wheelie 

Jun 20, 2013

Just got this one from Jo Fischer. Who shot this pic at W & W. There was a better/higher wheelie that he shot, but probably he thought the composition of this one was better. And it is an eye candy shot I must say. 

Sprint racing at Wheels and Waves

Jun 18, 2013

Happily we won twice. The salt shaker rules. Nobody wanted to race it afterwards. That says it all.

Dirt Quake

Jun 16, 2013

Battling it out with El Solitario. Dirt Quake was a great venue. Ran some laps in the lead but lost it on horsepower in the end. Came fifth in finals though. Not too bad.

Dirt Quake

May 11, 2013

The first weekend of June is the Dirt Quake event organised by our friends of Sideburn magazine . Riding a speedway track with your chopper or normal road bike. It is insane, we know. But fun nevertheless. We will enter my own daily driver for to participate in the in appropriate road bike class race. See photo and post below...

The guys from Sideburn made a short video to annonce the second edition of this crazy race event. Check it out

Dirt Quake II: It's coming from SIDEBURN on Vimeo.


Apr 26, 2013

We did not have the money to adverstise big time so we do it this way. This Tuesday is the crowning of our Prince Pilsner. King of beers or Beer of kings... I do not think he ever was a big fan of the Budweiser brand. Czech nor American. Okay it is in Dutch. Translated it reads: Indeed, lets keep it sober. Our reigning queen called for a sober crowning. Well, we would have been willing to help her out.  BTW, the AA registration plate is only reserved for the Dutch royals. And nobody probably is sober during Queensday in Amsterdam. But that is another fact of the matter.

Custom cub, girl in a MG and a lousy salesman

Apr 18, 2013

Just finished a raw custom mock up of my own daily driver. Hoping to make it for the Paname motociclette event. All over sudden I got chased by a girl in a MG and she blocked the road with her car . I was in a dead end street so I could not go very far. She wanted to buy my bike on the spot. I told her it was meant for the Paname show in Paris. How stupid I was,  I should have sold it to her right there. Well if you are still interested and read this let me know. Once our new shipment is in at the end of May I will deliver it to you personally.

Already a few weeks ago

Apr 15, 2013

Racing flat track at Rye House in England. What a thrill. I went down 3 times. Knackered a clutch lever along the way and my head/helmet. It was fun though...

photo's courtesy of Sam Christmas

Mitas tires

Jan 8, 2013

It took almost 4 months but they have finally arrived. One set of  speedway tires (3.00-17 front and rear) that will fit another custom super cub that we are preparing. Meaning we are colecting parts we are not building it yet. A pair will set you back only 80 euro´s.

And these Mitas flat track tires that were very hard to get hold off. Road legal and all, DOT and E8. These are for for yet another project we are preparing. They come in the following sizes: front 130/80-19 and rear 140/80-19. Minimum rim size is 2.15 front and 2.50 rear. If you want a set I will sell you the front tire for 85 euro´s and the rear for 95 euro´s inc VAT ex. shipping. Road legal drifting is yours now....

If interested drop me an email:

For shipping cost please check this link. Check the 10/20 kg column for the cost. 

Chin Chin Cheerio...

Dec 19, 2012

Snapped by Gary of Sideburn Magazine .

Riders Magazine

Nov 28, 2012

This is the second publication in Riders Magazine. But there is more to come. End of February we'll have a full feature in this hot Italian Motorcycle magazine.

Firing up the Salt Shaker at the Mermaid Garage in Milan

Nov 27, 2012

Sven made this movie but forgot to keep it level. Good content nevertheless. Maurizio the ex machanic of Haga makes sure the bike survives the torment of it's first runs. It vibrated so much every nut and bolt had to be tied after every 3 runs around the block. But Maurizio was great. It was like getting in for a proffesional pits stop at WSBK. Thanks for the good care; Maurizio!

Shake down run Salt Shaker Milan

Nov 24, 2012

Super Salt Shaker

Oct 14, 2012

We know it is a bit out of the blue. But we've created something special. It is the Super Salt Shaker. Soon to be rippin' the streets of Milan during the EICMA show. We've included some random pics of the built. Please check "Hell For Leather Magazine " or "Bike Exif " for more specs.

Sourcing an engine

Mar 7, 2012

How hard can it be. We've been looking for this engine for 2 years now. A few months ago we really thought we were searching for something that did not excist, a true phantom. The engine is an engine that Polaris used for their atv's before the coop with KTM. But atv's have a reverse gear that you do not want on a motorcycle. That was actually the hardest bit. Finding this engine without the reverse gear. But we did...

When push comes to shove

Mar 7, 2012

The boys from the Amsterdam Polytechnic ( sadly no bright & beautiful women are involved) are working hard to put the whole bike into 3d. Tomorrow we'll be updating with more acurate pics.

Keep ya posted

From digital to analogue

Jan 19, 2012

We finally found a suitable engine for a city scrambler. 500cc DOHC and 50 usable horses. Pics will follow soon. A bike that we have been looking forward to bring to the European market for ages. But it is still in its infancy as you can see. This is the first try to define a shape for a fuel tank. With PU foam we made a mold to apply the modeling clay to. It does look a bit weird, doesn't it. The mold that is. The pics are a bit doggy sharpness wise but you will get the idea.

Let's get digital...

Dec 21, 2011

Developing a bike from the ground up is not easy. The process introduced a whole new Dutch saying: 'moeilijk, lastig, past niet...' meaning: 'difficult, hard, it does not fit...'

From the beginning we knew it was going to be difficult & hard but that nothing seemed to fit together is a true night mare. Okay the forks fitted the triple clamps ( which were to wide, so we had to design new ones) and the clip-ons fitted the forks but that was that. As mentioned in previous posts we asked for the help of the HVA Polytechnic Amsterdam to help us out. The first step was to digitize the frame and bodywork. We are still waiting for the bodywork scans but the scans of the frame are in. The task force of the HVA are now straighting every out making sure every future part does fit.

Keep ya posted.

Our special thanks goes out to our intern Daniel Marchant

Ticking off the boxes

Sep 3, 2011

Point 3 of the previous post can be ticked off. But now a new problem occurs. The top half fairing is too narrow and/or the forks are spaced too wide. In the end we get a new box to tick off.

On it's two feet

Sep 2, 2011

ill fitting parts etc etc... lots of swearing... the lot. But finally it stands.

The to do list:

1. The fork bottoms will never work with the disc brake setup ( 300mm front disc) and need to be re-cnc-ed. With the axle right under the fork instead of the way it is now, including a proper radial caliper mounting.

2. Wheels axles need to be sourced or made and we are still waiting for some info (sizes) about the wheel bearings .

3. Tank/seat combo broke in two while putting the bike on its wheels and need to be patched up.

4. Rear sets need to be fixed on the frame meaning welding up some mounting points to the frame.

5. Rear brake caliper hanger needs to be designed and cnc-ed.

6. All the other stuff that the Polytechnic of Amsterdam is going to be working on. We've never mentioned it but we got help from this institution to get it ready for a small production run. They will be digitizing the bodywork and chassis, re-desiging and cleaning up the engine mounting points and designing and fabricating an underslung exhaust that will be incorporated in the engine spoiler.

Lots to do....

Proof is in the pudding

Jul 12, 2011

We just installed some adjustable racing shocks on our Super 100. This is the stuff they use in the Cub Prix Asian Championship. The real Mc Coy. And they do work a lot better than the standard shocks. Especially when you hit the throttle after clipping the apex. It does not get any smoother and faster. The price is still to be determined. Let you all know soon.

Colette Window

May 24, 2011

After lots of mishap; a broken down truck and subsequently being taking of the road by a salvage truck 100 kilometers from Paris. We finally made it to the city of light and this is the result. We're happy with it. What we're also happy with is the hundreds of hits on the internet. Google "Super Motor Colette" and see for yourself. We're all over the place...Good thing.

Word of the day is: Smooth

May 18, 2011

While the back orders from our dealers are piling up (we are sold out at the moment) which is not a good thing. I still had to do some sanding on the bodywork. And I got it done. Super smooth it now is. After 2 weeks of blood, sweat and tears. But taking orders does kill the pain. And look at those beautiful 8 spoke cast rims. We are going to powder coat these in a matt black finish.

Heading for Paris: Colette

May 18, 2011

Good things do not come easy. But from the 23rd of May we are present at Colette. This is no show boating. Colette will really sell our cubs. Of course we did a special edition. We think it fits the bill.  Just like a cool mint ad from the 70´s. See you there. We´ll be in paris from the 20th on.

How to get it right... avvangulo...

May 2, 2011

Short track racing the Innocenti De Tomaso. Great sound and Sicilian enthusiasm. Citroen eat your hart out....

How to get it wrong...

May 2, 2011

Citroen is trying to convince the public that this is the way forward. Personally we want a car without all the nonsense. No blips, no satnav, no bullshit. We love the innocenti and have it any time instead of any Citroen.  Do your research marketing people. This does not make any sense. Simplicity rules...

Word of the day is: Progress

Apr 24, 2011

Another word of this day was sanding. Little by little our pocket rocket is taking shape. Probably we need a few days more to finish the bodywork. Oh... and forget about the wire wheels because we got some really nice straight 8 spoke cast rims for it. Up next is to get a decent pair of triple trees and put the Marzocchi USD fork in it. A beautiful 600 mm work of art and fully adjustable. Hurray

More to come....

Tip of the veil

Apr 4, 2011

After almost 1 year of preperation our racing prototype is in the making. Check out the picture of the frame building and below a photoshop design mock up . We will keep you posted about the process. Much more to come.

When playboys ruled the world

Dec 5, 2010

Ever hankered after some good old 70's motorsport lifestyle nostalgia! Check this ITV documentary.

How F1 star James Hunt and motorcycling legend Barry Sheene conquered the world and captured the public imagination with their playboy lifestyles in the long hot summer of 1976.

When playboys ruled the world from L.L. on Vimeo.

Knee down

Nov 9, 2010

Julian takes his first dates very seriously. On his way to a possible future misses a leisurely ride turns into a mild trashing. It's fun though.

New shipment is in...

Oct 26, 2010

A new shipment of Super cubs have arrived. Not only can we deliver from stock from now on but we also got one new flavour in. Our indian summer copper gold variation. Yes we know it is a mouth full to describe a specific colour. One of our friends descibed it as a bowling ball. Well, whatever, we like it and it draws a lot of attention. Especially for those of the lonely hearts club.


Oct 20, 2010

One of our customers participated in a hard core Honda enthusiasts run down the Haarlem/Zandvoort area of the Netherlands. A remake cub in Honda's dragons den. Surprisingly he and 2 others were accepted without hassle. The saying is true. You do meet nice people on a Honda.

A German pass time

May 26, 2010

Racing a true mountain grass course without brakes. Oh..and people do get killed practising this sport. The video is quite shitty but you'll get the idea.
Bergring 2009 - MyVideo

Patch it up

Apr 21, 2010

The aftermath of crashing. After avoiding a collision with a car that did a 180 without using its indicators, I went down. Bang... bruised ribs & soar hips. Well, been there before but it still hurts. Remarkably the Super 100 I was riding only suffered a broken off indicator. Last but not least my jeans were partly shredded. Never affraid to show my effeminate side I ended up behind the sewing machine. Patch it up baby...

Kreidler de la Florett Syndrome

Mar 9, 2010

Again we were present at one of the oldtimer fairs in the Netherlands. And crowd pullers yes we were. We actually love Van Veen Kreidlers but none of the ordinary Kraut stuff. €2000,- for a clumpsy restored 1978 Florett. Who fouls who! Buy a Super and save the change for a weekend break with your love in Paris.

mx style and a Vespa

Jan 16, 2010

The way to ride your 2 stroke.

Cubs have arrived

Dec 23, 2009

Finally. Our first shipment has arrived in Amsterdam and after a lot of hassle found it's way into our lock up.


What's in the name

Dec 21, 2009

Bergrennen, gare in salita, course de cote, hill climb racing. Youtube queries to enjoy yourself on a rainy afternoon.

stuff we like....The Osella pa20

Dec 19, 2009

Not the prettiest sportscar but surely the best sounding.

Driving technique

Dec 14, 2009

Its not what you ride... but how your ride it

Cub variation

Dec 9, 2009

How about 18 bhp and 78 kilo's. And these kind of looks. We think it rocks. Oh and a disc brake conversion is in the making to stop this thing.

cub special copy2

Work Horse 2

Dec 7, 2009

Or just doing a delivery

Work horse

Dec 4, 2009

Just an ordinary day commute


stuff we like

Nov 22, 2009

The Crossle 9s sports car. The epitomy of cool and less is more. Classic looks combined with modern technology. Powered by a Duratec 2 liter engine with up to 280 BHP. Check you the video. By the way
it is in german or.. better some Swiss cheese dialect. Make the best of it...

crossle 9s

Cubs are on their way

Nov 19, 2009

Finally after months of waiting we can tell you our first order is on its way. Expected delivery is the first week of december. Keep you posted.
Team SMC
supers on their way

Tigcraft Aprilia

Nov 19, 2009

Our friend Dave Pearce the owner of Tigcraft built this little beast already about a year ago. We think its one of the coolest racers alive. Check this link for more detailed pics.

Chrome won't get you home

Oct 20, 2009

Black, black, black and black. Bodywork, legshield, rims and hubs in all black. Available as a 110cc motorcycle, a moped and a non helmet law moped. A true sign of the times.